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Following are reviews of Office AutoPilot sent by regular Office AutoPilot users. If you want to send your own review please use the form at bottom of the page. We only publish the reviews that we consider useful for our readers and are at least 100 words long. Please take the time to write why you recommend or do not recommend Office AutoPilot. Short reviews like ‘this is a good/bad/scam program‘ will not be published.

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Review #1 by Chris H. (submitted November 2011)

Can anybody do our duties with the same sincerity and involvement, yes Office Autopilot does it. This works wonders for me. I don’t make use of a lot of the features available to you with Office Autopilot, as I pretty much have the marketing aspect of things under control.

The unique web payment processing aspect is what makes all the difference for me. I make a lot of sales already, and I had used Infusionsoft for a long time for all my payment processing.

Really, one of colleagues told me about Office AutoPilot, and I decided to give them a try. They are easier to use and set up than Infusionsoft was, and I’m saving a lot of time and effort now. The user interface for the web payment processing aspect of Office Autopilot is clean cut, easy to understand, and you can easily see what your bottom line is. I used to have to look at reports that Infusionsoft spit out for hours on end, and even had to hire extra help to manage it!

Not with Office Autopilot. It has given me the ability to manage all my online payments and charge backs, without the need to rely on someone else to read the reports it generates. While it is still listed as being a “beta feature”, the web payment processing aspect of Office Autopilot is by far its most attractive feature for me.

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Review #2 by wm01 (submitted November 2011)

As any other new program, I was rather disappointed the first time I used Office AutoPilot. You see, they advertise as being an easy to use system; however the learning curve was quite steep for me. I found myself getting really frustrated, and I was ready to throw in, until I decided to e-mail their customer support team.

Representatives from any company will try to influence you with many evidences and features. Many may not be useful to our business environment; but I spoke to a wonderful service representative named Tammy, who helped me through the entire process of getting my business set up. After spending good two weeks pulling my hair out, it took all but three e-mails for the customer support team of Office AutoPilot to iron out all the issues I had in setting everything up. I feel rather sheepish now that I had thought I wasted my time on something I would never be able to completely understand or use. All the features of Office AutoPilot may take some getting used to, but their customer support staff is there to help, should you need the extra help. Once you get past that initial stage, everything becomes super simple.

Finally, after getting everything set up, all those mundane tasks I used to do manually every day are now taken care of by Office AutoPilot. My life just wouldn’t be the same without Office AutoPilot! 

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